The Uhlan is a type of Protoss quadrupedal assault walker. Like Dragoons, Uhlans can be piloted by injured and otherwise infirm Protoss, but unlike the Dragoon, it can also be piloted manually as well as through psionic essence translators like the Stalker.

Overview Edit

The Uhlan is a hybrid of Protoss and Xel'Naga technology, created through the application of Xel'Naga schematics recovered by the Sakile Tribe and engineered with the help of the Savriel Tribe. It is specifically designed to take down slow or static targets, and can only efficiently open fire when stationary.

The Uhlan is larger then its Dragoon and Stalker counterparts, possessing a single large rotating carapace-mounted Plasma Beam cannon. It does not share the Stalker's spiked "feet", though it has been seen using its legs to climb over obstacles in a similar manner to its larger cousin, the Colossus.

Its central turret fires a straight blue-purple beam, which is a useful weapon against ground and air targets. It has a very long effective range and can hit enemy forces when even their longest-ranged units cannot strike back. The Uhlan also has a shield that wears down after heavy enemy fire. The vehicle is almost as large as a Siege Tank.

The Uhlan, like the Usurper, was created from ancient Xel'Naga technology that has been repurposed for combat suitability. As such, the Uhlan is produced through the information contained within a Reliquary. Research regarding the improvement of the Uhlan can be procured from within the Reliquary as well.

Through this aforementioned research, Uhlans can be outfitted with an "Overdrive" mode which allows the Uhlan to divert energy from its shield generator to its main cannon, increasing its attack power. The Uhlan can also be enhanced through the application of a "Shield Amplifier", which increases the regeneration rate of its shields.

Trivia Edit

Both the Dragoon and the Uhlan bear names that refer to cavalry.

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