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When selected/given an order, units will say something in response. If clicked on several times a unit may say some lines that can be irrelevant and/or humorous.



  • Pawns are unintelligible, as their speech consists merely of robotic whirring and other noises.


  • Rubrics are unintelligible, as their speech consists of various quiet hums and whirs.

Shock TroopEdit

  • Trained
    • "For the dark dimension!"
  • Selected
    • "At your command."
    • "We are legion."
    • "Awaiting directive."
    • "My lord, your will?"
    • "Ready for eternal war."
  • Move Order
    • "Complying."
    • "On the move."
    • "The path to ruin."
    • "Xarikspace is our master."
  • Attack Order
    • "Annihilate them!"
    • "Engaging the enemy!"
    • "Die scum!"
    • "Savour the salvoes!"
    • "Destroy the weak!"
    • "Rejoice in the coming oblivion!"
  • Under Attack
    • "Meeting resistance."
    • "The weak fight back!"
  • Selected Repeatedly
    • "Uugh... what?! My lord?"
    • "You are killing my patience."
    • "*Annoyed growl*...when do we attack?!"


  • Trained
  • Selected
    • "I feel Xarikspace overtaking me... it is a good pain."
    • "Sanity... is for the WEAK!"
    • "*Manic laughter*"
  • Move Order
    • "Are they in this direction? *insane chuckle*"
    • "Yyyyessss...."
    • "I can hardly wait!"
    • "Manic laughter"
  • Attack Order
    • "The enemy! FINALLY!"
    • "Kill! Crush! Rend them limb from limb!"
    • "Break their backs!"
    • "Xarikspace consume you!"
    • "*Manic Laughter*"
    • "*Psychotic Cackle*"
    • "Yes... YESSS!!!!"
  • Under Attack
    • "*Psychotic Cackle*"
  • Selected Repeatedly
    • "Gah! Don't waste my time!"
    • "You bore me..."
  • Other
    • "To the hunt!" (when using Jump Packs)
    • "Take to the skies!" (when using Jump Packs)


  • Trained
    • "Annihilation shall begin!"
  • Selected
    • "We must... DESTROY!"
    • "Enemies! We need enemies!"
  • Move Order
    • "We march to doom!"
    • "We hear them tremble!"
    • "That is the way to doom!"
    • "They must be there!"
  • Attack Order
    • "Death to the weak!"
    • "Tremble! Quake!"
    • "Crush! Kill! Destroy!"
    • "Annihilation commencing!"
    • "They are worthless..."
  • Under Attack
    • "You can't kill me... I DON'T BLEED!"
    • "Why does anything think that I can be KILLED?!!"
  • Selected Repeatedly
    • "Where are the enemies we were promised?!"
    • "Don't test my patience!"
  • Other
    • "See! I can't die!" (After reassembling)
    • "They think I can be killed... they thought wrong..." (After reassembling)
    • "I'm back and I want revenge!" (After reassembling)
    • "I AM INVINCIBLE!" (After reassembling)


  • Trained
    • "The true power is here!"
  • Selected
    • "My wicked intellect shall lead us to victory!"
    • "Yes?"
    • "Xarikspace... is the only true answer!"
    • "You will have need of me."
    • "I know... many things!"
  • Move Order
    • "The might of Xarikspace goes where it pleases."
    • "If Xarikspace wills it..."
    • "By Xarikspace, it will be done."
    • "Indeed..."
    • "The search for souls... is endless..."
  • Attack Order
    • "A feast of souls!"
    • "Take me to them... that I may render judgement!"
    • "They hear their doom approaching."
    • "Xarikspace comes for you!"
    • "No protection is eternal!"
    • "Feast on their flesh!"
  • Under Attack
    • "I will melt them!"
    • "My armor is eternal!"
  • Repeatedly selected
    • "Are you playing your own tricks?"
    • "I know your thoughts..."
    • " are being lazy..."
    • "Do not trifle with me worm!"
  • Other
    • "Bear the Tendrils of Restraint!" (when casting "Tendrils of Restraint")
    • "You will... *manic chuckle* ...enjoy... this "gift"." (when casting "Spawn of Xarikspace")
    • "Forces of Xarikspace! I FILL YOU WITH POWER!" (when casting "Mass Enhancement")

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