Get out of my skies.

Urass is a young Protoss Corsair pilot.

One of the most reckless and unpredictable pilots to ever grace the skies of Shakuras, he has been branded as "The Radical" for his insubordinate attitude. Always ready for a fight, Urass has been reassigned to multiple different squadrons to curb his bloodlust. This finally came to a point where his superiors simply put him on missions where such qualities were needed for extended periods of time (Halo: Gray Team).

Never in the same place for long, Urass only comes back to Dark Templar worlds for supplies and upgrades to his custom made fighter before leaving as quickly as he came. Due to the nature of his work, his Corsair is made to take on more roles than dogfighting such as infiltration, demolition, and sabotage. For this, his ship contains its own personal teleporter, cloaking field, and a vast arsenal of explosives. In ship-to-ship combat, Urass often forced his way into enemy bases and vessels to blow them up from the inside (Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace: Naboo Space Battle). Favoring antimatter and plasma-based explosives, his ship leaves nothing but burning craters wherever it goes (Transformers - Prime: Wheeljack and Jackhammer).

After learning of invasion Aiur and the death of the Matriarch, Urass immediately set his sights to annihilating this new enemy completely. Even if he has to burn a few primative beings along with them, he will do whatever it takes with or without authorization from the higher ranks.

Special abilities:

  • Disruption Web - creates an energy field that prevents all ground units and buildings from attacking while they remain under it
  • Permanent Cloaking (passive) - Urass is permanently cloaked and can not be seen or directly attacked by enemy forces, unless they have detector support
  • Transport/Recall - deploys Urass as a Dark Adept onto the field or call him back to recover. Corsair remains stationary while Urass is on the field
  • Plasma Bomb (Ultimate) - drops an energy sphere that deals 800 damage in an area. Everything in the area is glassed over by destructible crystals that can be used as resources

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