The Urchin is a unit spawned by the Lummox.

A cross between a Locust, Hydralisk, and Overlord, the strain looks like an armored ball with spikes. When sensing an enemy, it instantly jumps up out of hiding to explode. If the concussive force is not enough to take down its targets, the poison covered penetration spikes will eventually finish the job.

By controlling a bit of its volatile fluids, an Urchin can launch itself several feet into the air. At heights short of breaking orbit, the temporary airborne strain can take down a small fighter if it hits a critical area.

Special abilities:

  • Burrow - unit burrows itself rendering it invisible to enemy forces without detector support
  • Explode - urchin can be ordered to detonate, damaging anything near it
  • Structure Trap - sticks to enemy structure preventing unit construction unless attacked by enemies outside

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