The Urshaera is a ursinoid life-form native to the jungle world of Aiur.


Urshaerae are territorial and as such, if one runs into another, both will perform a territorial threat display where they rear up and essentially try to out-roar each other while attempting to look as massive as possible to the opposing Urshaera. Quite often, one will resign and secede from the territory and find new hunting grounds without a fight.

Despite its size, it can attack with both power and agility. It mainly attacks using its muscular arms with sharp claws and spikes. Urshaerae eat primarily fish, which they swipe from the water similar to the grizzly bears of Earth. Honey, and fruit make up the rest of the Urshaera's diet and surprisingly, it will not eat other land animals regardless of hunger. It often hangs its tongue out of its mouth and pants somewhat like a canine to help get rid of the immense amount of body heat it produces.


The Urshaera's claws are actually composed of dentine and enamel, making them far more similar to teeth then claws.

When Urshaerae die, their bodies convert to psionic energy, as all known lifeforms of Aiur do.


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