The V-32 maser is an energy weapon that emits pulses of high powered microwaves.

At low settings it can leave heavy burns on organic tissue. On higher ones, the V-32 maser can melt through 2 inchs of Neosteel armor. The maser is usually equipped to the chest of certain models of security robots for anti-personel and bomb disposal (Zoids: Liger Zero). Due to its compact size, the V-32 can also be detached and used by infantry personel. To mitigate recoil issues, it's double-barrels are designed to move back and forth between each shot (Ratchet & Clank - Up Your Arsenal: N90 Hurricane).

Marginally cheaper to produce than laser weaponry, V-32 is often used more by paramilitary groups and privately owned security companies than the military.


  • Good against light to medium infantry
  • Good at close to mid range
  • Deals bonus damage to electronics and explosives
  • Low recoil
  • Can be equipped different types of robots


  • Lowered damage to heavier armored units and vehicles
  • Poor at long ranges

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