9000 zerglings. And our suits are built to withstand...?

The V-450 Geodynamic Demolition Platform (or GDPs) is a general-purpose engineering and mining vehicle.

An essential part of the Terran military workforce, T-280 SCVs construct and repair multiple types of mechanical devices when not mining resources. Through covert operations and industrial espionage, the Vaul have access to nearly every form of technology developed in the Koprulu Sector. SCVs being common enough for commercial use on the fringe worlds made acquiring schematics relatively easy. Modifying the schematics with Protoss cybernetics, the V-450 Geodynamic Demolition Platforms are a fine addition to any workforce.

Advanced nanotechnology allow GDPs repair mechanical units and structures faster and more efficiently than a squad of their Terran counterparts. This is due to nanites fixing micro-damage without needing to replace missing/mangled parts with new ones. Due to the efficiency of the nanites, GDPs do not need as much resources to repair allied units and buildings.

GDPs can morph their arms into sonic pile drivers to vibrate the ground into causing isolated avalanches and fissures (Transformers G1: Rumble). This is mainly used to unearth mineral nodes burried deep underground within a small area. When used in demolitions, the intense vibrations damage the structural integrity of any type of building. In combat situations, GEPs can force burrowed units and structures to surface and prevent them from burrowing again until the area stabilizes (Starcraft II concepts: Nomad). Against the Zerg, this ability is extremely helpful in countering ambushes when a detector is not readily available. These aspects make GDPs one of the most versatile worker units in the Vaul arsenal.

Special Abilities:

  • Repair (autocast) - can repair friendly mechanical units and buildings.
  • Quake - causes 20 damage (+30 vs buildings) target area to become unstable for 15 seconds. Units within the area are immobilized until quake ends

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