The Vandal is a hybrid strain of Zerg genetically modified to have an insatiable appetite for destruction. If there is anything that each of the three Koprulu races can agree on is their dependence on Minerals and Vespene Gas. While each race differs in attack styles, they all need resources to keep on fighting. Strip them of sustanance and they lose the ability to build or repair any of their strength. This fact led to the creation of the Vandal strain.

Resembling a zergling with mutalisk wings, Vandals preform short jumps to anywhere with resources. Mineral Nodes are stripped bare within minutes by swarms of these "bugs". Enemy armies need to find new resource nodes once Vandals clean out old ones. But what makes is particular breed special is that its abilities change depending on what they eat (Stargate: R-75 and Replicators).

When consuming Minerals or units/buildings (mechanical), a Vandal can grow to twice its size. Once it has consumed approximately 50 minerals/damage, two new Vandals burst out of the old one (killing it in the process). One Vandal can quickly become a hive in hours overrunning everything (Star Trek: Tribbles).

When consuming Vespene Gas or units/buildings (biological), Vandals become biological bombs like the Baneling-strain. The difference is that the force of explosions depends on the size of the unit (i.e. how much they ate). At its smallest/default size (0-50 Vespene/damage), a Vandal explodes with a force equal to a Scourge. When Vandals swell to medium size (50-100 Vespene/damage), they explode with a force equal to an Infested Terran. At its largest size (100-200 Vespene/damage), a Vandal explodes with a force close to that of Terran Nuke. If a Vandal consumes more than 200 resources, it reaches its limit and explodes no matter what. Enemy units must choose between triggering an explosion or letting Vandals drain resources dry when attached to a structure. This makes Vandals a nasty breed to encounter when resources are in short supply.

Special abilities:

  • Powers depend on what is consumed:
    • Minerals/Mechanical - sprouts two new units after eating or dealing 50 damage
    • Vespene/Biological - unit becomes explosive, force depend on size; small (110), medium (500), large (800)

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