The Variable applications suit, or VA suit, is a specially customized type or powered armor designed for confronting psionic individuals and other combat situations. Due to the Zerg targeting psionic individuals, Wranglers have found it necessary to be better armed for any contingency. For this reason, the bounty hunters demanded development of the VA suits to the Dominion's Ghost "Recruitment" Program.

Set in between Light infantry armor and HES issued to Ghosts, VA suits balance protection with maneuverability while also capable of being easily customized. While not skin-tight, users have been known to wear auxiliary clothing to carry and/or conceal extra weaponry depending on their style of hunting (Star Wars: Cad Bane).

Notable ComponentsEdit

Life-support SystemEdit

Because of the addition of the Zerg, more and more unregistered psionic individuals have been forced to find creative, if not deadly, hiding places around the Koprulu Sector. As such, Wranglers require the VAS armor to give them some protection in areas ranging from the depths of space to underwater bunkers.


One of the most important components of VAS armor is the T1N-helmet. Not only does it protects users from toxic/airless environments, but it also provides limited resistance to psionic attack (Marvel: Magneto's Helmet and Juggernaut). Made of an alloy, which is very difficult to manufacture, only a select few handlers are given these helmets.

Maneuvering ThrustersEdit

The suit does have limited flight capabilities for jumps in normal atmosphere; however, they are best used in the weightless vacuum of space (Dead Space: RIG). Some users have even customized their suits to do a short jet punch to surprise telekinetics while being pushed or lifted at close quarters.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

One of the most popular weapons used by Wranglers is the P1500 Flak pistol. Often dual wielded, users tend to run out of ammunition quickly especially in combat with the zerg. To alleviate this flaw, many users customize the VAS armor with a modified case holders to facilitate faster reloads (Core Design/Crystal Dynamics/Paramount Pictures: Tomb Raider).

Self-destruct SystemEdit

In the event of being surrounded by hostile forces, users can overload the VAS armor's power cores to create an explosion big enough to leave a 5 m wide crater. Usually triggered by a control on the wrist or chest, the suits can also be detonated remotely if someone knows the command codes (Predator: wrist computer; Star Wars: Baradium-core code key thermal detonator; Halo: Fail-Safe Detonation).



  • Good protection against light to medium projectiles
  • Fair resistance against psionic attacks
  • Can be customized with multiple equipment
  • Limited air supply for varying environments
  • Limited resistance to heat and toxic chemicals
  • Limited flight and maneuverability in vacuum


  • Low protection against heavier caliber ammunition
  • Low protection against Protoss and Zerg melee weaponry
  • Ineffective against higher concentrations of Zerg bioweapons
  • Flight systems cannot be maintained indefinitely
  • Use of rocket punch may risk breaking user's arm

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