Vaul buildings are based off a combination of Xel'Naga technology and innovations from all three major races in the Koprulu Sector.

Because of this, many of their structures share traits such as Plasma shielding and Psionic power. They do have one ability making them unique: Firewalls. This renders buildings immune to attacks like nuclear strikes and random biological agents. Assimilation of technology from the other races does come at a cost. Some Vaul buildings are Neutral once constructed and require Encryption to prevent being used by enemy forces.

Basic BuildingsEdit

Structure Details
Diode (*) Provides RAM required for additional Vaul units. Encrypts friendly structures to prevent them from being used by enemies
Foundry Produces Vaul infantry units.
Rampart (*) Defensive structure that reflects enemy attacks and transportation
Processor Allows Cogs to process and collect Vespene gas.
Terminal (*) Produces Cogs and is where Minerals and Vespene gas get dropped off and distributed.
War shrine Upgrades infantry and buildings.

Advanced BuildingsEdit

Structure Details
Aperture Warps in air units.
Conduit/Void portal Warps in advanced ground forces.
Database Upgrades advanced ground forces.
Encoder Upgrades Support units.
VR simulator Upgrades Air units.

Support BuildingsEdit

Structure Details
Mainframe (*) Produces and Upgrades Hero units.
Super computer Enhances performance of structures and base defenses.


Plug-ins serve to support basic and advanced buildings with new and unique abilities. Like Terran Add-ons, each of these buildings can be produced by a Foundry, Conduit, and Aperture. Plug-ins are also capable of switching between Hardware and Software.

Structure Details
Flux circuit Increases construction and research efficiency.
Helix module Allows for construction of higher tier units and research upgrades beyond normal limits.

Campaign and Unique Buildings Edit

Structure Details
Neutron Gun (*) Planetary defense cannon
Acropolis (*) Upgraded version of a Xel'Naga Outpost

(*) Notes buildings that do not need Encryption

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