Venerate Profile

Venerates are Protoss Warriors, usually female, that wield the energies of the Talram in order to restore life to their comrades wounded in battle.

Venerates are Dark Templar in origin, and therefore do not wield psi-blades. Instead, Venerates use a metal blade (known as a Focus Blade), charged with disruptive anti-matter energies drawn from the Void. Although not as sophisticated as a Warp Blade, this armament is still capable of doing considerable damage, only slightly less than that of a Zealot's Psi-Blades.

The Venerate's Focus Blade is capable of projecting a Warp Blade from its core when opened, however this requires enough energy in the core to sustain the blade. The Blade also opens to help the Venerate focus his/her healing energies on a target, (hence the name) during which time he/she is vulnerable to attack.

By focusing the the healing energies of the Talram Crystal, a Venerate may not just restore life to friendly biological units, but may also remove sickness, parasites, viral infections, and even cancer.

Due to the Talram Crystal's strong passive radiation of light and stabilizing energies, it is often too difficult for Venerates to cloak, and simply impossible to accomplish while attacking or focussing energy in any way. In fact a Venerate may even accidentally reveal those that are cloaked, if they stand too close.

Venerate Blade Closed Venerate Blade Opened


A select group of Elite Venerates can be outfitted with dual Focus Blades, allowing them to be more formidable healers and combatants.

Venerates make up the majority of an entire unique clan of Dark Templar, bearing gold armor and specialized Warp Blade technology.


Known VeneratesEdit

Famous VeneratesEdit

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