The Vespene Grand Prix is a planet wide race open to all factions in Terran space no matter what government they belong to. Held annually on the desert planet of Quorellia, over a hundred racers come to participate for glory and/or prize money.

Because of the large publicity and a year long contact for choice property, many sponcers hire mercenary gangs known for their skill in high speed danger zones to race. Currently, the organization known as the Infernal Basterds hold the championship title five years running.


The race consists of three rounds each on a different continent and terrain. The first round usually takes place in the relatively stabile wastelands of Vattal Province. There racers must endure a 500 mile stretch of desert while collecting vespene crystals scattered across minefields leftover randomly from the Guild Wars. Many amatuer drivers do not make past the first 30 miles of this round. Those who do survive the minefields move on to the volcanoes of Borr for the second stage.

In the second round, racers must navigate through an underground labyrinth beneth several volcanoes. With temperatures ranging into the hundreds, many vehicles tend to overheat or explode without advanced cooling systems. Due to the numerous unstable magma pools and random lava surges, it is impossible to place recording and transmission devices along the caverns. Here is were the hundreds of participants quickly drop to a sparse few dozen. Though unproven, most people believe the more aggressive racers take advantage of the Planet's three way neutrality to get away with anything (Naughty Dog: Jak X: Combat Racing; The Simpsons: The Bob Next Door). After reaching the end of this round, the finalists move on to the Ice Caverns of Henjak Valley.

Within the mountainous regions are several untapped Vespene Geysers due to the area's unstabile nature. Many have tried to gain a foothold, but have found it impossible to maintain a Refinery that does not slide down or get buried in an avalanche of 2000 tonnes of rock and neosteel. Here racers must navigate through multiple tunnels without setting off gas pockets in a chain reaction that could turn the area into a smoldering crater. Racers must also deal with the only native creatures found on Quorellia. The first ones to reach the designated goal wins the Quorellian Cup and 10,000,000,000 in credits, while their sponcers gain a five year contract on their choice of 1000 acres of prime mining land.

Rules & RegulationsEdit

  1. Racers can only be killed by natural causes or remnant munitions from the Guild Wars
    1. Racers caught killing other participants on camera are subject to the laws of their respective Governments (e.x. Confederacy)
  2. Permitted equipment includes:
    1. non-lethal mines
    2. flamethrowers for self-defense
    3. grappling hooks
    4. nitro boosters
  3. Racing teams must have cameras and transmitters linked to Quorellian Cup Security in each of their Dropships to avoid unsanctioned pitstops and drop offs

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