The Viking is a Terran mech/fighter that transforms to fit different roles in combat.

In Fighter mode, it soars at high speeds while pounding away at enemies with Lanzer torpedoes. With sufficient numbers and tactics, a small squadron can take down Battlecruisers and Carriers in seconds. In Assault mode, the Viking becomes a medium sized walker providing ground support fire with its Gatling cannons.

After the second Zerg invasion, some squadrons have been customizing their fleet of fighters with experimental technologies. Elite pilots sometimes request for additional armament such as wrist blades or shields to prevent being overwhelmed while transforming. Some mercenary groups have even equipped black market components to give them an extra edge against anything they come across.

Special abilities:

  • Viking Transformation - unit transforms from one mode to another

Campaign UpgradesEdit

  • Arm blades - unit gains +10 ground damage and armor penetration at melee range
  • Arm shields - unit gains +5 ground damage at melee range and +50 HPs
  • H.A.L.O. cluster rockets - unit anti-air attack becomes similar to a Valkyrie
  • Cloaking field - enables unit to cloak
  • Sabot rounds - unit gains +8 ground damage and ignores plasma shielding


  • For more information see Viking on the parent site

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