The Void Prism is the annexed version of the Protoss Warp Prism.

Due to being completely mechanical, it was simple to reformat them into vessels with great potential. These transport ships enter any situation with robotic precision and at superluminal speeds.

One of the Protoss' most fatal flaws is the heavily on Psionic Matrices to power structures. As a consequence, enemy forces generally focus attacks on pylons before demolishing powered down buildings. To alleviate this, Warp Prisms act as substitute pylons in emergencies. Void Prisms retain this ability as all annexed Protoss structures still need a psionic matrix to function.

What seperates them from the counterparts is that their psionic matrices draw energy from the Void more efficiently than any technology used by the Dark Templar. This Void-based matrix produces an intense electromagnetic field similar to the one produced on Talematros. Enemy forces will find it impossible to transport units into the area until the source is destroyed.

In Transport Mode, Void Prisms can use their teleportation field to salvage materials from nearby seiges (Warcraft III: Peon and Raider). This is extremely useful as annexed Protoss forces are still expensive to produce from scratch.

Special abilities:

  • Transport Mode - unit can load and carry multiple ground forces
    • Reclaimation (passive) - unit can salvage 50% of resources from nearby enemy structures being attacked by friendly units
  • Phase Mode - creates a Psionic Matrix to power Psi-reliant buildings
    • Null Matrix (passive) - prevents enemy transports from loading and unloading units. Enemies in the field cannot enter or escape with abilities like Blink

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