The Void portal is an enhanced version of the Conduit.

Upgraded with complete Xel'Naga technology rather than partial fragments used by the Protoss, these gates can maintain longer warp-ins while under a Psionic field. Void portals can connect with other Conduits or Apertures under allied control. Because larger sized units require more energy to be transferred, Void portals utilize a third arm in its frame to help focus warp and void energies into a stable orb.

As all present gate technology is roughly based on Xel'Naga tech, Void portals can hack into nearly any psionic matrix especially if Ravaged by a Maverick. This can be a great advantage as Vaul forces can transport into the heart of enemy bases randomly. They can also use enemy gates to escape whenever they please while causing enemy portals to explode (Star Trek - The Next Generation: Iconian gateway; Stargate - Universe: Icarus porject).

Special abilities:

  • Egress - transport friendly units to and from areas under a psionic matrix. Friendly units can transport via enemy gates that have been Ravaged by Mavericks. Ravaged gates receive 50 damage for every use

Units built:

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