The Vulcan is a Vaul heavy cruiser specializing in long-range bombardment.

While observing records of Zerg Guardians, Terran Wraiths and Protoss Scouts against heavy ground units, the Vaul felt the need to research on air-to-ground assault technology. Even with advanced technology, Wraiths and Scouts needed to work in packs to wear down an Ultralisk or burn down a building. Enemy infantry tended to run for cover before any significant damage could be inflicted. Once one unit was destroyed, cavalry would arrive in large numbers to send the attacking ships into retreat. All these factors were taken into account before the Vaul developed the Vulcan-series.

Merging Terran blueprints with Protoss ones, the Vulcan is best described as an upside down Siege Tank. Each vessel is equipped with a Particle Cannon equal in firepower to an Archon. The cannon is box-like instead of round in order to focus the beam for long-ranged attacks. Thanks to the blast being so concentrated, Vulcans can hit targets at twice the range of regular Siege Tanks. This is good for both siege and sniper attacks against enemy forces. Small scouting units can spot for a Vulcan, while the enemy is left wondering where the blasts are coming from. As great as they are against ground forces, Vulcans are completely defenseless against air attacks. If left unescorted, Vulcans can be slaughtered in a head on battle with the newer fighters of the three Koprulu races. So it is not uncommon to find them accompanied by several Halberds or Darkstars.

The magnetic coils of the Particle cannon can be modified into a powerful Mass Driver. When activated, the vessels stops moving and the cannon's barrel transforms slightly into a much wider form. The Mass Driver then charges its shot to maximum potential before launching a projectile straight down at hypersonic speeds. This projectile has enough energy to create a large impacts and a tremendous seismic shock-wave (Star Wars: Seismic tank; Red vs Blue: Mother of Invention). Anything within the impact zone is immediately pulverized while the shock-wave continues to damage whatever else is nearby. Should any enemy force survive the shock-wave, they would need time to recover before retaliating (Warcraft III: Mountain King). During sieges, Vulcans leave nothing but craters in their wake.

The Vaul added specialized Terran transformation technology hybridized with their own interface technology into the Vulcan's design. This allows them to interface with more than just one Darkstar, opening up a new tactical advantage against any race. With all this combined, Vulcan bombers gives new meaning to death from above.

Special abilities:

  • Pulverize - fires a shot straight below itself dealing 800 (+200 vs buildings) and a shock-wave that deals 300 damage. Shock-wave damage decreases by -100 as it expands. Units not destroyed by shock-wave are slowed by -30% for 20 seconds
  • Zenith Formation - combines with 4 Darkstars to create a Zenith

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