Cross the Streams.

The Warp Ray is a powerful escort ship.

After the events of the first Koprulu War, the Dark and High templar merged their respective technologies to achieve feets previously thought impossible. One of the most notable results of their reunification was the creation of the Void Ray. By combining psionic energies from the Void and Khala, the Void Ray fires a self-sustaining beam capable of taking down large capital ships in seconds. Because of the raw power of the Void Ray, the Vaul wanted a ship of greater strength.

Not only does the Warp Ray use energies of both Protoss tribes, it combines them with Zerg-based biotechnology for new forms of destruction. Due to having a more complete understanding of the potential of merging the chosen races of form and essence. With this knowledge, each Warp Ray is equipped with a more refined prismatic crystal and bio-armor. This gives the ship's hull a semi-organic appearance (Babylon 5: Advance Omega class destroyer).

Due to the crystal's new configuration, the warship fires a lightning-like stream of energy (Star Trek - Voyager: Species 8472 bioship). Similar to its counterparts primary attack, the stream of energy starts weak before growing exponentially stronger while focusing on a single target. This Bioforce stream is mainly useful when facing off small numbers of heavily armored enemies. When working in tandem with other Warp Rays, the streams combine causing the energy output to rise exponentially to near planet destroying levels (Ghostbusters: Proton Stream; Naruto: Collaboration Techniques).

Special abilities:

  • Bioforce Stream (passive) - the Warp Ray's damage output gradually increases the longer it remains on a single target. Steam can combine with others to increase damage by a factor of X10 for each ship (max. X40). Steam ignores plasma shielding and armor

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