Watchers are long range satellites developed by the terrans as part of an early warning system against alien invasions by either the Protoss and/or Zerg.

Created as a joint effort by all major Terran factions within the Koprulu Sector, these satellites were placed along the fringes of Terran controlled space. Many problems cropped up during the project such as security complaints, accusations of sabotage, disappearing funds and personnel, which delayed it for two years. The problems got so bad the Dominion pulled out most of its support in favor of reinforcing its fleet. Eventually, the other factions followed suit and made due with the few satellites they had.

During the interim of the Brood War and Zerg resurgence, Watcher satellites saw little action. Simply relaying information about small increases in alien activity, the satellites only helped in giving fringe world militias time to evacuate cities before the fleets could move in an repulse the alien presence.

Once the Zerg reappeared in full force, the few Watchers being used were overwhelmed by the numbers making it nearly impossible for Fringe worlds to evacuate in time. Though details are sketchy, some understaffed technicians report most of their equipment being sabotaged by unknown means before the invasion began.

Special abilities:

  • Detector - reveals cloaked or burrowed units
  • Radar - able to expose enemy movements within its radar capability. Does not reveal area

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