The Wendigo is a huge gorilla, mole-like creature native to the icy mountainous regions of Quorellia (Star Wars: Wampa).

Standing 3 to 4 meters tall, these creatures can tear the roof off a hellion with relative ease. Normally feeding off lava leeches, Wendigoes have been known to attack Terran settlements in the night due to their hunting abilities relying heavily on sensing body temperatures.

Because of the hot nature of their natural prey, Wendigoes have developed a special venom that causes all metabolic activity to cease and instantly cooldown with minimal loss of nutrients. The venom also has hallucinogenic properties that prevent victims from thinking straight. Rescued terrans require several cryostim injections after 2 hours of exposure or risk death by total neural shut down.

Special abilities:

  • Double Blubber (passive) - wendigo is immune to Flash Freezing and reduces damage from low caliber attacks by -2
  • Cryo Venom (passive) - attacks causes target to lose -25% attack and movement speed. At 20 HPs target is instantly frozen

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