The Widget is a Vaul support unit specializing in creation of multiple types of constructs.

Despite their resilience, Vaul forces could not stand up to the other races in prolonged combat without more support powers. While Interfacing does provide a wide range of abilities, it is limited by the number of units constructed and RAM needed to maintain them. Despite their more advanced technology, Plasma shield regeneration after receiving heavy damage is also limited. To rectify these flaws, the Vaul modified and re-purposed Protoss industrial machines.

Based off modified Reaver schematics, Widgets are mobile manufacturing plants resembling the statues found on the Temple of Shakuras. Though not as fast as Protoss exoskeletons, they curl up into balls to quickly roll through any form of terrain like Banelings. In battle, they defend themselves by firing explosive crystal shards they create from raw materials. Though not as powerful as the more battle oriented series, the crystals are effective against most forms light infantry.

Using altered Scarab manufacturing plants, Widgets create multiple types of constructs with various effects to bolster allies on and off the battlefield. One of the most useful constructs that can be deployed is a type of psionic backup device designated as a TESSERACT. Once on the battlefield, these devices act as a beacon summoning the A.I.s of allies to it after destruction. After the A.I. enters the Tesseract, Quicksilver blocks and psionic crystals rebuild whatever unit entered it. Within moments, a fully restored unit emerges from the device ready for combat (Transformers - LA: All Spark; Hot Wheels Battle Force 5: Re-Spawn Chamber). This allows Vaul forces to attack almost indiscriminately. Add to that their Self-destruct capabilities, Vaul forces can cause unimaginable amounts of destruction (Naruto: Edo Tensei).

Due to the limitations of programming, most basic Vaul forces lack the intelligence to compete with higher sentients like Terrans and Protoss. To alleviate this weakness, Widgets deploy LOGIC PROBES to augment the combat efficiency of allies. Appearing as a hourglass made of energy, Logic probes hover around allies sending out orders based off data and projected simulations at near light-speeds (Star Trek - DS9: Orb; Star Wars: T-series tactical droid; Fallout: V.A.T.S.). Used correctly, they can instantly turn a handful of cannon fodder into an elite squad of commandos.

Though their forces are powerful and versatile as any of the three major races, the possibility being overwhelmed by superior numbers still exists. To prevent such a contingency, Widgets construct immobile AGGRESSION SPHERES to attract enemy forces away from allies. These Sphere psionically tap into the primal senses and programming of any living and mechanical being respectively. By doing so, any enemy nearby is compelled to cease all rational thought and attack the sphere until it is destroyed (Warcraft III: Mountain Giant; TV Tropes: Artifact of Attraction). To prevent the construct from being destroyed before friendly forces can retreat, Aggression Sphere are given enough psionic energy to be as sturdy as a fully charged Nexus. If used correctly, enemy commanders will become frustrated at their inability to control affected forces.

All of these qualities, make Widgets an asset in multiple scenarios concerning in front line support or base defense.

Special abilities:

  • TESSERACT - deploys a cube-like device that resurrects nearby friendly units at a cost of its own health depending on the RAM of the unit (max. 6). Tesseracts cannot resurrect the Widget that created it
  • LOGIC PROBE - deploys a mobile probe that allows nearby friendly units to ignore enemy plasma shields and armor. Bonus damage is added regardless of target type. Logic probe lifespan = 120 seconds
  • AGGRESSION SPHERE - deploys a sphere that compels nearby enemy forces to attack it. Aggression Sphere lifespan = 45 seconds

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