The Wyvern is a special Mutalisk strain, deployed in swarms by the Wyvern Brood.


The Wyvern is a reptilian adaptation of the Mutalisk strain, possessing an augmented regeneration. The Wyvern attacks using Glaive Wurms, which strike three targets in succession, dealing less damage each time. In addition to its attack, the Wyvern has been known to devour the infantry of both enemies and allies alike to sustain its voracious hunger, restoring its health in the process.

Many attempted engagements with the Dark Swarm have collapsed due to the rapid arrival of large numbers of Wyverns before any meaningful air defense could be mustered. Under these circumstances the total loss of the forces involved is virtually guaranteed. Conversely, powerful air defenses have succeeded in keeping Wyverns at a distance, for the creatures are limited in vitality. However, they remain agile and dangerous opponents. In large numbers or against weak defenses, Wyverns will always be a deadly threat.

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