The Xava'kai, are a warrior-clan and a subgroup of the Tal'Darim, a group of Protoss stranded on Aiur following the closure of the warp gate.

Clothing Edit

Xava'Kai Clan members are characterized by their dark metallic power armor.

Xava'Kai Templar protect themselves with thick body armor composed of light metals.

Weaponry Edit

The Xava'Kai weild a wide variety of weaponry and technologies in combat, but are usually armed with dark Psi-Blades.

Teachings Edit

The Xava'Kai are tought to dispise and distrust both Khalai and Nerazim Protoss alike, and utilize twisted void energies in combat.

They began to lose their connection to the Khala due to their grief at being abandoned by their brethren and due to their addiction to the drug, Sundrop. They exiled themselves from the other faction of survivors, the Shel'na Kryhas.

Trivia Edit

Xava'Kai translates to "Hands of the Benefactor" in Protoss.

The Xava'Kai are not a Dark Templar clan, dispite being highly similar in physiology to the Dark Templar.

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