Xel-Hassodin Leader of the Savriel Tribe, Head Researcher of the Sakile Tribe

The young Dark Templar Prelate, Xel Hassodin, is the head researcher and loremaster of Xel'Naga artifact studies on Shakuras, and is responsible for the construction of the Protoss Integrator, a brilliant technological breakthrough. Xel Hassodin has wandered the galaxy for years, exploring the secrets of the "Wanderers from Afar". Although young by Protoss standards, Xel Hassodin is 591 years old, old enough to know of many of the secrets contained in the cold void. He is good friends with his teacher and advisor, Darr, who has tought him personally of the uses of all cosmic energies and ancestral energies alike. Using this knowledge, Xel Hassodin has learned to manipulate both "Khalis" and "Uraj" energy, and he uses these energies to great advantage.

Among Xel Hassodin's many abilities is the power to channel psychic ripples to unleash psionic storms that destroy the minds of his enemies, and are capable of damaging machinery and even the land itself. He also possesses the ability to manipulate raw psychic energy to turn the energy of a target against itself, causing damage. Xel Hassodin can distort reality to a certain extent, cloaking others in a target area, or creating psychically controlled illusary copies of multiple targets. He may also release a surge of mental energy to temporarily immobilize a group of organisms over a wide area. He, of course, has the menial ability to bend light around himself to render himself invisible.

Xel Hassodin is known to display a certain level of extrasensory perception and psionic powers to heal wounds and/or regain one's bearings after being harmed. He may convert his body into pure psionic energy for a short duration, enabling him to travel "at the speed of thought", although he has not yet mastered this ability and it drains him considerably to do so. Xel Hassodin has undergone special training in which he has learned to focus his mental energies in a way that many cannot, and belongs to an elite group of "Twilight Templar". He can telekinetically move objects and possesses a hightened sense of telepathy and psionic detection.