Xenorium, or Xen Metal (Xn), is a psionically sensitive element discovered long ago by the Xel'Naga.

In its raw state, Xen Metal appears as purple-blue crystals. When refined with psionics, it can take on virtually any property depending on the user, be it to enhance or disrupt all forms of matter and energy.


In its pure state, Xenorium is a super-dense liquid at temperatures above freezing and can absorb large amounts of energy before exploding (Stargate: Naquadah).

If forged correctly, an alloy of Xen Metal and Quoranite can be rendered virtually indestructible to psionic and cosmic forces (Marvel: Unstable Molecules and Adamantium). This largely depends on the percentage of Xenorium used in the process. Alloys consisting of 0.001 Xenorium are not indestructible, but are comparable to high-grade Neosteel. When brought into contact with psionic or any energy-based weaponry, the alloy tends to either disrupt or block the attack instantly.

Often used in constructing structures, vehicles, and weapons, Xen Metal was developed to resist Protoss psi and warp blade weaponry (Star Wars: Lightsaber-resistant materials; DCAU: Nth Metal). Due to the huge time and effort into making it indestructible, the Vaul usually reserve it for elite units.


  • Not to be confused with Xenon (actual element), the prefix "Xeno-" was given because the properties of the element are best described as strange
  • There is no known use of this element by any of the three main Koprulu races

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