Zealots are Protoss from the warrior caste trained in pain resistance and the use of psionic blades in combat.

The armor of the Zealot is equipped with a type of teleportation device that transports critically wounded warriors to a safe place for medical treatment. Some of these soldiers were placed into cybernetic exoskeletons, such as Dragoons or Immortals, for life support.

Despite advances the other two races made after the Brood War, these warriors remain the mainstay of all protoss infantry forces. To rectify past mistakes, zealots have been retraining and customizing their armor with new technologies and trophies from battle. One of the more popular enhancements are cybernetic leg implants and tri-bladed gauntlets for extra speed and damage respectively (Deadliest Warrior: Katar).

Special abilities:

  • Charge - unit gains a temporary increase in speed by 0.5
  • Tri-blades (upgrade) - unit gains +4 damage per attack


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