"Peace talks have broken down. Now we do it our way...Warp fast, or lose your ass!"

The Zephyr is a Terran diplomatic transport.

It is often reserved for politicians and ambassadors for diplomatic missions in terran space. It lacks offensive capabilities, but make up for it in speed and multiple types of countermeasures. The Zephyr's primary defense is its high speed, maneuverability, and powerful warp drive allowing for near instantaneous tactical jumps. If this proves insufficient, the Zephyr can deploy an advanced Defense Matrix to withstand at least a single Yamato Cannon shot. Should even this fail, the newer models of Zephyr-class transports can be coated with a Diamond Colloid variant for ships, which also gives the exterior a type of chrome shine (Star Wars: J-type 327 Nubia royal starship).

As the Zephyr is a diplomatic transport, it often comes with an armed escort in hostile zones. Should the escorts be destroyed or rendered unable to assist, a distress beacon is automatically activated on sensing possible threats (Star Trek - Enterprise: Tactical alert). Depending on the importance of the Ambassador or political official, the rescue can range from a few Wraiths to a fleet of Battlecruisers (Columbia Pictures: Air Force One).

Special abilities:

  • Tactical Jump - ship warps to target area. Unit vanishes from map and is invincible while Warping
  • Advanced Defense Matrix - Zephyr produces a shield that takes 300 damage for 15 seconds
  • Diamond Colloid (passive) - ship armor is +2, resists beam weapons by +35%, and is immune to abnormal effects
  • Emergency Beacon (autocast) - back-up escorts come to the Zephyr's aid. Type of escort depends on Unit Rank:
    • Level 1: 2 Wraiths
    • Level 2: 4 Wraiths and 2 Valkyries
    • Level 3: 8 Valkyries and 6 Vikings
    • Level 4: 10 Valkyries, 8 Vikings, and 1 Battlecrusier
    • Level 5: 20 Valkyries, 16 Vikings, and 3 Battlecrusiers

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