Ziggurats are larger versions of Obelisks topped with a large prismatic crystal created commandeering a Xel'naga outpost.

After establishing target locks on enemy forces, the crystal sweeps the battlefield with multiple thermal lances vaporizing infantry instantly (Starcraft II: Colossus/Development). When targeting heavier units, they fire a single powerful beam capable of cutting Battlecruisers in two (Beast Wars: Floating island; Command and Conquer - Tiberium Wars: Obelisk of Light; Stargate SG-1: Ori energy beam weapon). Due to having larger and more refined Khaydarin crystal core, Ziggurats automatically switch between each type of weapon without losing power.

For defense, the towers are equipped with heavy plasma shields capable of absorbing damage from several nuclear strikes before falling. Ziggurats can also recharge the shields nearby friendly units by expanding their psionic matrices. Prehaps the most dangerous defensive capablity of these buildings has to be their ability to form Celestials and Infernals from their gigantic cores.

Special abilities:

  • Shield Regeneration (autocast) - recharges friendly unit shields by 8 per second
  • Thermal Sweep (passive) - changes from a single powerful beam (600 normal damage) to several weaker ones (100 normal damage per beam) attacking in a sweeping movement
  • Build Celestial/Infernal - constructs a unit to defend itself

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