Hivemind Profile Cerebrate of the Charybdis Brood (lapsed), Hivemind of the Scylla Brood

Cerebrate Zzantith was the leader of the Charybdis Brood before his servitude to Patriarch Darr, who retains a psychic link to Zzantith, not only to moniter its thoughts, but also to moniter its evolution. Darr has "rehabilitated" the latent Cerebrate, whom he has released from his psionic control. Although Zzantith now possesses free will, as a fail-safe, Darr has placed within its genetic code a psionic weakness for the patriarch's specific psionic touch, therefore, should something go wrong, Darr can easily resume control of Zzantith.

Zzantith has evolved into a young overmind through the psionic manipulation of its protoss master, and has been termed as the 'Hivemind' of the Scylla. Currently, Zzantith helps relay Darr's commands to the new Scylla Brood.


Zzantith draws power, not from the "Red Khaydarin" as the majority of the Zerg do. Instead, the Hivemind draws its powers from the energies of the Khalis and Uraj. Although this prevents him from controlling enemy Zerg, it also protects him from the potential control of other more powerful Zerg entities.

Able to manipulate both psionic and void disciplines of energy, Zzantith may bend light around himself and cloak similar to a Dark Templar, however this cloaking is more sophisticated, avoiding the detection of many technological and psionic senses.

Due to his teachings and vast stores of information, Zzantith possesses a durable Psi-Shield that protects his outer shell.

The Hivemind's intimate knowledge of the Dark Swarm and their inner workings has been the turning point of victory in many battles with the Zerg.

Zzantith is well versed in the histories of the three races and, although he rarely puts such knowledge to practice, is also well aquainted with their various technologies and their strengths and weaknesses.

Scylla Hivemind